South India!

Sorry it is late – my last blog post about India is filled with my experience in the South – Goa and Chennai – two completely different places that became the most wonderful places to end my time in this amazing country!


North India Adventure – Part 3

Rouding up my time in North India is the amazing Taj Mahal and the spiritual Capital Varanasi! I am sad to be ending my time in the North but it has left me with so many memories and amazing sights!

North Indian Adventure – Part 2

Going from the White city with Romantic Palace architecture on a picturesque lake to the Terracotta-Pink city of Jaipur. I continue to travel all over North India and love it!

North India Adventure – Part 1

Sleeper trains, Camel safaris and desert forts: The arid City of Jaisalmer amazed me beyond belief with its yellow sandstone architecture and the constant feeling that I was on a movie set! The oceanic quality of the city’s multi-toned blue buildings, the giant fortress and delicious lassis: Jodhpur is the India you know and dream about.

My Month in a Yoga School

Spending one month in the serene mountains of Rishikesh living and breathing Yoga, I learnt so much about myself and this rich Indian Practice which is so much more than basic exercise!

Hello India!

Saying Goodbye to the comfort and familiarity of Nepal and landing in the heart of India. The drama and stories that come with teaching at a slum school in Delhi, learning about India and how to manage a classroom full of crazy kids!

Trekking in Nepal – Part 1

Never did I set off to Nepal with the purpose of trekking, but now having seen the Himalayas and experienced the natural beauty of remote, mountainous Nepal, I am so fulfilled and grateful!

My night in a Nepalese Hospital

Don’t be alarmed – I am okay. The past 24 hours have been a dramatic nightmare but I am relieved to be safe and healthy now!

Project Success – From Idea to Reality

My experience with the women of Jitpurphedi has been a roller coaster of successes, failures, frustrations and realisations and today marked the day when it all came together.

Goodbyes, Progress and Other Reflections

A lot of reflecting on the relationships made when travelling and the realisations I have made about Nepal – A country that frustrates, intrigues, amazes and excites me!